The real story about the white squirrels
in Brevard, N.C.

I am the original owner of a pair of White Squirrels named Frisky and SnowBall which started the whole White Squirrel population in Brevard, N.C. I was a very young girl when they were given to me as pets. It is actually quite interesting how things originate sometimes. Who knew a pair of White Squirrels would end up populating the entire city of Brevard. I will even venture to guess that they have begun to populate the entire county by now! You can read all about this wonderful story and how this awesome event took place in my book. It is always interesting to read about others lives and sometimes we get the rare treat of having an awesome story attached to it.

If you want to see these wonderful White Squirrels in person, then plan a trip to Brevard or better yet, come to the White Squirrel Festival. It is held each year in Brevard. If you do plan a trip to come see Frisky and SnowBall, please visit first. They can help you with the many awesome things to see and do while your in Brevard. I hope to see you there!

Below are some awesome pictures of these wonderful creatures. There is also a video I found on YouTube that someone took of my white squirrels. Take a few moments to enjoy them both.

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